Hello world! I wanted to start off my first blog post with five things about myself: 01. I am a Woman with a Filipino background (hence, "Maganda") 02. I am new to motherhood. My daughter is the tits. So is her daddy. 03. If there was one thing I'd want to be good at, it would have to be cooking. I love food. I would love to learn how to cook all kinds of ono (delicious) dishes for my family. 04. There are countless days where I'm too damn lazy to shave. 05. I am obsessed with keeping my plants alive and hydrated.

Here we go!

Before I decided to create a line for my jewelry, I thought "how fucking cool would it be if I designed and actually get to wear my own earrings?" Something I've never done before and wasn't sure if I'd be any good at it, but wouldn't know until I try. One thing led to another. I was home almost everyday caring for my 2-3 month old baby, who by the way is the best cuddle buddy (besides her daddy). Whenever I got the chance aka when baby was asleep I was able to make a pair or two. The first pair I made was the Oval Marble with a brown and tan color tone. I wear it from time to time and would receive quite a few compliments. I designed other pieces and sought inspiration from the beauty of nature and feminity: colors, textures, shapes, etc. All my pieces are handcrafted, therefore each pair is unique. So ladies, please be aware that there are slight differences in size, color and shape. Oh and of course, every piece is made with love.

<3, Baye